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The Arch, Cecille Tong, 1970. (dramat)
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Black Butterfly, Wei Lo, 1968. (wuxia)
Black Falcon, Takumi Furukawa, 1967. (akcja, szpiegowski)
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Brothers Five, Wei Lo, 1970. (wuxia)


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Come Drink With Me, King Hu, 1966. (wuxia)


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Death Valley, Wei Lo, 1968. (wuxia)
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Dragon Swamp, Wei Lo, 1969. (wuxia)


The Enchanting Ghost, Hsu-Chiang Chou, 1970. (horror)


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The Flying Dagger, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia)


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Golden Swallow aka The Girl with the Thunderbolt Kick, Cheh Chang, 1968. (wuxia; sequel Come Drink With Me, 1966)
The Golden Sword, Wei Lo, 1969. (wuxia)


Have Sword, Will Travel aka The Bodyguard, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia)
Heads for Sale, Walter Chung, 1970. (wuxia)
The Heroic Ones aka 13 Fighters aka Shaolin Masters aka 13 Sons of Yellow Dragon, Cheh Chang, 1970. (wuxia)


The Invincible Fist, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia)
The Iron Buddha, Jun Yan, 1970. (wuxia)
Iron Mistress aka Iron Petticoat aka Iron Lady, Tsun-Shou Sung, 1969. (wuxia)


The Jade Raksha, Meng-Hua Ho, 1968. (wuxia)


Killer Dart, Meng-Hua Ho, 1968. (wuxia)
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The Knight of Knights, Kwan Sit, 1966. (wuxia)


Lady of Steel, Meng-Hua Ho, 1970. (wuxia)
The Land of Many Perfumes, Meng-Hua Ho, 1968. (fantasy; sequel The Cave of the Silken Web, 1967)


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The Magnificent Swordsman aka Vagabond Swordsman, Kang Cheng i Griffin Yueh, 1968. (wuxia)
The Magnificent Trio, Cheh Chang, 1966. (wuxia)
The Monkey Goes West aka The Monkey aka Journey to the West, Meng-Hua Ho, 1966. (fantasy)
My Son, Chen Lo, 1970. (dramat, akcja)




One-Armed Swordsman, Cheh Chang, 1967. (wuxia)


The Painted Skin, Fang Bao, 1966. (horror)
Princess Iron Fan, Meng-Hua Ho, 1966. (fantasy; sequel The Monkey Goes West, 1966)
Prosperous of Family, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1970. (dramat, wuxia)




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Raw Courage, Wei Lo, 1969. (wuxia)
Raw Passions, Chen Lo, 1969. (thriller, kryminał)
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia; sequel One-Armed Swordsman, 1967)


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Swordswomen Three, Chiang Shen, 1970. (wuxia)


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Twin Blades of Doom, Ching Doe, 1969. (wuxia)
The Twin Swords, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1965. (wuxia; sequel Temple of the Red Lotus, 1965)




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, Cheh Chang, 1970. (kung fu, akcja)
Vengeance is a Golden Blade, Meng-Hua Ho, 1969. (wuxia)


The Wandering Swordsman, Cheh Chang, 1970. (wuxia)
Whose Baby is in the Classroom? aka Who’s Baby in the Classroom?, Umetsugu Inoue, 1970. (komedia, musical, romans)
The Winged Tiger, Chiang Shen, 1970. (wuxia)
Wrath of the Sword, Ma Wu, 1970. (wuxia)