The 3 Nymphs, Pang Wu, Tat Lau, 1973. (dramat, kryminał, erotyczny)
The 14 Amazons, Kang Cheng, Charles Tung, 1972. (wuxia)


The Absurd Brave, Fang-Hsia Chang, 1969. (wuxia, komedia)
The Adventure aka The Iron Fist Adventure aka Adventure Sandstorm aka The Cyclone, Su Li, 1972. (kung fu)
Ambush aka The Besieged, Meng-Hua Ho, 1973. (wuxia)
Angel With The Iron Fists, Wei Lo, 1967. (akcja, szpiegowski)
The Angry Dragon, Sum Cheung, 1973. (kung fu)
The Angry Guest aka Kung Fu Killers aka The Annoyed Guest, Cheh Chang, 1972. (kung fu; sequel Duel of Fists, 1971)
The Angry Hero aka Cold Faced Snake aka Mean Kung-Fu Machine, Lung Chien, 1973. (kung fu)
The Angry River, Fung Wong, 1971. (wuxia)
The Anonymous Heroes, Cheh Chang, 1971. (akcja, dramat)
The Arch, Cecille Tong, 1970. (dramat)
Asia-Pol aka Asiapol Secret Service, Akinori Matsuo, 1967. (akcja, szpiegowski)
The Assassin, Cheh Chang, 1967. (wuxia)


Bandits from Shantung aka Bandits from Shan Tung, Fung Wong, 1972. (wuxia)
The Bastard aka Little Hero aka Nobody’s Son, Yuen Chor, 1973. (kung fu, komedia, dramat)
Beach of the War Gods, Yu Wang, 1973. (wuxia)
The Bells of Death,
 Griffin Yueh, 1968. (wuxia)
The Big Boss aka Fists of Fury, Wei Lo, 1971. (kung fu)
Black Butterfly, Wei Lo, 1968. (wuxia)
Black Falcon, Takumi Furukawa, 1967. (akcja, szpiegowski)
Black Invitation aka Black Letter, Hsu-Chiang Chou, 1969. (wuxia)
The Black Tavern, Teddy Yip, 1972. (wuxia; sequel The Lady Hermit, 1971)
The Blade Spares None, Teddy Yip, 1971. (wuxia)
Blind Boxer, Sum Cheung, Jin-Won Jang, 1972. (kung fu)
The Blood Brothers aka Dynasty of Blood aka Chinese Vengeance, Cheh Chang, 1973. (wuxia)
Bloody Mask aka Bloody Mask of Karate, Patrick Kong, 1969. (wuxia)
The Boxer from Shantung aka Killer from Shantung, Cheh Chang, Hsueh-Li Pao, 1972. (kung fu, gangsterski)
Boxers of Loyalty and Rightousness aka Shogun Saints, Lung Chien, 1972. (wuxia)
The Brave and the Evil aka Morale and Evil, Yu Wang, 1971. (wuxia)
The Bravest Revenge, Lung Chien, 1970. (wuxia)
The Bride from Hell, Hsu-Chiang Chou, 1972. (horror)
Brothers Five, Wei Lo, 1970. (wuxia)


The Call Girls aka Hong Kong Nite Life aka Hong Kong Black Street Lady, Patrick Lung, 1973. (dramat, erotyczny)
Call to Arms, Chiang Shen, 1973. (wuxia)
The Casino, Tseng-Chai Chang, 1972. (akcja, kung fu)
A Cause to Kill, Ching Doe, 1970. (thriller, kryminał)
The Cave of the Silken Web, Meng-Hua Ho, 1967. (fantasy, sequel Princess Iron Fan, 1966)
The Champion aka Karate Kid aka Shanghai Lil and the Sun Luck Kid aka Chivalrous Guest, Ching-Chen Chu Got, Ching-Chen Yang, 1973. (kung fu)
The Chinese Boxer aka Hammer of God, Yu Wang, 1970. (kung fu)
Chow-Ken aka The Fury of King Boxer aka Dragon Fist, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1972. (kung fu)
A City Called Dragon aka Ten Days in Dragon City aka Dragon Wall, Larry Tu, 1969. (wuxia)
Come Drink With Me, King Hu, 1966. (wuxia)
The Comet Strikes, Wei Lo, 1971. (wuxia)
The Crimson Charm, Fung Wong, 1971. (wuxia)
The Cub Tiger from Kwangtung aka Little Tiger from Kwangtung aka Little Tiger of Canton aka Marvellous Fist aka Kung Fu Students, Hoi-Fung Ngai, 1973. (kung fu)


Dead End, Cheh Chang, 1969. (dramat, akcja)
The Deadly Duo, Cheh Chang, 1971. (wuxia)
The Deadly Knives aka Fists of Vengeance aka A Life-and-Death Struggle, Il-Ho Chang, 1972. (kung fu)
Death Valley, Wei Lo, 1968. (wuxia)
The Decisive Battle, Evan Yang, 1972. (wuxia, biograficzny, fantasy)
Delightful Forest aka Happy Forest aka Outlaw of the Forest aka The Delightful Forest, Cheh Chang, 1972. (wuxia; spin-off/prequel The Water Margin, 1972)
The Delinquent aka Street Gangs of Hong Kong, Cheh Chang, Chih-Hung Kuei, 1973. (akcja, kung fu)
The Desperate Chase aka Blood of the Dragon aka Blood of the Ninja, Pao-Shu Kao, 1971. (wuxia)
The Devil’s Mirror, Chung Sun, 1972. (wuxia)
Diary of a Lady-Killer, Kō Nakahira, 1969. (dramat, kryminał, thriller)
Downhill They Ride aka The Hijackers, Lei Pan, 1966. (akcja, western)
The Dragon Creek, Griffin Yueh, 1967. (dramat, kryminał)
Dragon Inn aka Dragon Gate Inn aka Breakthrough, King Hu, 1967. (wuxia)
Dragon Swamp, Wei Lo, 1969. (wuxia)
The Duel aka Duel of the Iron Fists aka Iron Fist Pillage aka Duel of the Shaolin Fist, Cheh Chang, 1971. (akcja, kung fu)
Duel for Gold, Yuen Chor, 1971. (wuxia)
Duel in the Tiger Den aka Macho Man, Yu-Min Ko, 1972. (kung fu)
Duel of Fists, Cheh Chang, 1971. (kung fu)


The Enchanting Ghost, Hsu-Chiang Chou, 1970. (horror)
Enter the Dragon, Robert Clouse, 1973. (kung fu)
The Eunuch, Teddy Yip, 1971. (wuxia)
Execution in Autumn, Hsing Lee, 1972. (dramat)


Facets of Love aka Northern Ladies of China, Han-Hsiang Li, 1973. (erotyczny, dramat, komedia, musical)
The Fast Fists aka The Fastest Fists, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1972. (kung fu)
The Fast Sword, Fung Wong, 1971. (wuxia)
The Fastest Sword, Lei Pan, 1968. (wuxia)
Finger of Doom, Hsueh-Li Pao, 1972. (wuxia, horror)
The First Swordsman aka Life and Death Entrance, Sheng-En Chin, 1969. (wuxia)
Fist of Anger aka Not Scared to Die aka Eagle’s Shadow Fist aka In Eagle’s Shadow Fist, Mu Chu, 1973. (kung fu)
Fist of Fury aka Chinese Connection, Wei Lo, 1972. (kung fu)
Flight Man aka The Daredevil, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1973. (kung fu)
The Fly Dragon Mountain aka Flying Dragon Mountain, Hung-Min Chen, 1971. (wuxia)
The Flying Dagger, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia)
Four Riders aka Strike 4 Revenge aka Hellfighters of the East, Cheh Chang, 1972. (akcja, kung fu)
Freedom Strikes a Blow aka Chinese Hercules aka The Kid in Pier aka A Duel of Harbor, Ta Huang, 1973. (kung fu)
The Fugitive, Tseng-Chai Chang, 1972. (akcja, western)


The Gallant aka Gallant Boxer, Su Yang, 1972. (kung fu)
The Generation Gap aka The Traitor, Cheh Chang, 1973. (dramat, kung fu)
The Ghost Hill, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1971. (wuxia)
A Girl Fighter, Shih-Ching Yang, 1972. (kung fu, wuxia)
The Golden Buddha, Wei Lo, 1966. (akcja, szpiegowski)
The Golden Knight aka Nine Golden Knights, Griffin Yueh, 1970. (wuxia)
Golden Sand aka Golden Sand Blade aka „Golden Sand” Sword aka Escape to High Danger, Fu But, 1969. (wuxia)
The Golden Seal, Feng Tien, 1971. (wuxia)
Golden Swallow aka The Girl with the Thunderbolt Kick, Cheh Chang, 1968. (wuxia; sequel Come Drink With Me, 1966)
The Golden Sword, Wei Lo, 1969. (wuxia)
The Grand Passion aka Flames of Vengeance, Shih-Ching Yang, 1970. (wuxia)


Hap Ki Do aka Lady Kung Fu aka Hapkido, Fung Wong, 1972. (kung fu)
Have Sword, Will Travel aka The Bodyguard, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia)
Heads for Sale, Walter Chung, 1970. (wuxia)
The Hero aka Rage of the Master aka The Destroyer aka Rage of the Tiger aka The Killer Boxer aka The Killer of Boxer, Hung-Chang Wang, 1972. (kung fu)
Heroes of Sung aka The Dragon-Tiger Meet, Chiang Shen, 1973. (wuxia)
The Heroic Ones aka 13 Fighters aka Shaolin Masters aka 13 Sons of Yellow Dragon, Cheh Chang, 1970. (wuxia)
The House of 72 Tenants, Yuen Chor, 1973. (komedia)
The Human Goddess, Meng-Hua Ho, 1972. (fantasy, komedia, romans, musical)


Illicit Desire, Han-Hsiang Li, 1973. (erotyczny, komedia, dramat; zbiór nowel)
The Imperial Swordsman, Fu-Ti Lin, 1972. (wuxia)
Inter-Pol aka Interpol aka Special Agent 009, Kō Nakahira, 1967. (akcja, szpiegowski)
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan, Yuen Chor, 1972. (wuxia, erotyczny)
Intrigue in Nylons, Chih-Hung Kuei, 1972. (komedia, romans)
The Invincible, Chen Lo, 1972. (wuxia)
The Invincible Eight, Wei Lo, 1971. (wuxia)
The Invincible Fist, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia)
The Invincible Sword, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1971. (wuxia)
The Iron Buddha, Jun Yan, 1970. (wuxia)
Iron Mistress aka Iron Petticoat aka Iron Lady, Tsun-Shou Sung, 1969. (wuxia)


The Jade Faced Assassin, Jun Yan, 1971. (wuxia)
The Jade Raksha, Meng-Hua Ho, 1968. (wuxia)


The Killer aka Sacred Knives of Vengeance, Yuen Chor, 1972. (kung fu)
Killer Dart, Meng-Hua Ho, 1968. (wuxia)
Killers Five aka Killers 5, Kang Cheng, 1969. (wuxia)
King Boxer aka Five Fingers of Death aka An Iron Man aka The Invincible Boxer, Walter Chung, 1972. (kung fu)
King Cat, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1967. (wuxia)
King Eagle, Cheh Chang, 1971. (wuxia)
The King with My Face aka An Emperor with Iron Mask, Meng-Hua Ho, 1967. (kostiumowy, dramat, romans)
The Kiss of Death aka Poison Girl, Meng-Hua Ho, 1973. (thriller, kung fu)
The Knight of Knights, Kwan Sit, 1966. (wuxia)


Lady 9 Flower aka Lady Nine Flower aka The Legend of Lady Nine Flower, Fang-Hsia Chang, 1969. (wuxia, komedia; sequel The Absurd Brave, 1969)
The Lady Hermit, Meng-Hua Ho, 1971. (wuxia)
Lady Jade Locket, Jun Yan, 1967. (melodramat, horror)
Lady of Steel, Meng-Hua Ho, 1970. (wuxia)
The Lady Professional, Chih-Hung Kuei i Akinori Matsuo, 1971. (akcja, thriller)
Lady Whirlwind aka Deep Thrust, Fung Wong, 1972. (kung fu)
Lady with a Sword, Pao-Shu Kao, 1971. (wuxia)
The Land of Many Perfumes, Meng-Hua Ho, 1968. (fantasy; sequel The Cave of the Silken Web, 1967)
The Last Duel aka The Gallant Duo, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1972. (wuxia)
Legends of Lust, Han-Hsiang Li, 1972. (erotyczny, komedia, dramat)
The Lion’s Heart aka When the Lion Roars, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1972. (akcja, kung fu)
The Lizard, Yuen Chor, 1972. (akcja, kung fu, komedia)
The Long Chase, Meng-Hua Ho, 1971. (wuxia)


Madame Slender Plum aka Under the Spell of Love, Wei Lo, 1967. (dramat, kryminał)
The Magnificent Chivalry, Su Li, 1971. (wuxia)
The Magnificent Swordsman aka Vagabond Swordsman, Kang Cheng i Griffin Yueh, 1968. (wuxia)
The Magnificent Trio, Cheh Chang, 1966. (wuxia)
Man of Iron, Cheh Chang, Hsueh-Li Pao, 1972. (kung fu, gangsterski)
Martial Hero of Southern Frontier aka Tiger From Canton aka The Martial Hero, Griffin Yueh, 1972. (kung fu)
The Master of Kung Fu aka Death Kick aka Shaolin Death Kicks, Meng-Hua Ho, 1973. (kung fu)
The Matchless Conqueror aka Invincible, Joseph Kuo, 1971. (wuxia)
The Mighty One, Joseph Kuo, 1971. (wuxia)
Mission Impossible, Joseph Kuo, 1971. (wuxia, horror)
The Money-Tree aka The Money Tree, Richard Kuen, 1973. (erotyczny, komedia)
The Monkey Goes West aka The Monkey aka Journey to the West, Meng-Hua Ho, 1966. (fantasy)
My Son, Chen Lo, 1970. (dramat, akcja)


The New One-Armed Swordsman aka Triple Irons, Cheh Chang, 1971. (wuxia)


The Oath of Death aka The Arrows and the Heart, Hsueh-Li Pao, 1971. (wuxia)
One-Armed Boxer aka Chinese Professionals, Yu Wang, 1972. (kung fu)
One-Armed Swordsman, Cheh Chang, 1967. (wuxia)


The Painted Skin, Fang Bao, 1966. (horror)
The Pirate, Cheh Chang, Hsueh-Li Pao, Ma Wu, 1973. (kung fu)
Poison Rose aka Poisonous Rose, Lei Pan, 1966. (kryminał, szpiegowski, akcja, romans)
Police Force, Cheh Chang, Ulysses Au-Yeung, 1973. (akcja, kung fu)
Police Woman aka Rumble in Hong Kong aka The Young Tiger aka The Heroine aka Here Come Big Brother, Mu Chu, 1973. (kung fu, akcja)
Princess Iron Fan, Meng-Hua Ho, 1966. (fantasy; sequel The Monkey Goes West, 1966)
The Professional Killer aka The Assassin, Chi Hsin, 1971. (wuxia)
Prosperous of Family, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1970. (dramat, wuxia)
Pursuit, Kang Cheng, 1972. (wuxia; spin-off/prequel The Water Margin, 1972)


The Queen Bee, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1973. (thriller)
Queen of Fist aka Kung Fu Mama, Lung Chien, 1973. (kung fu)


Rape of the Sword aka Stealing Sword, Griffin Yueh, 1967. (wuxia)
Raw Courage, Wei Lo, 1969. (wuxia)
Raw Passions, Chen Lo, 1969. (thriller, kryminał)
A Real Man aka Fearless Fighters aka The Ninja Killer, Min-Hsiung Wu, 1971. (wuxia, kung fu)
The Rescue, Chiang Shen, 1971. (wuxia)
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman, Cheh Chang, 1969. (wuxia; sequel One-Armed Swordsman, 1967)
Rider of Revenge, Ting-Wu Hsiung, 1971. (wuxia)
River of Fury aka Drug Gang aka The Adventurer, Tseng-Chai Chang, 1973. (dramat, kung fu)


Secret Agent Chung King No. 1 aka Secret Agent Chungking No. 1 aka Secret Agent Chung King 001, reż. Che-Fu Liang, 1970. (szpiegowski, thriller)
The Secret of the Dirk, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1970. (wuxia)
Sexy Girls of Denmark, Kei Lu, 1973. (erotyczny, komedia, romans)
She’d Hate Rather Love, Hui-Ying Hua, 1971. (wuxia)
The Shadow Whip, Wei Lo, 1971. (wuxia)
Showdown aka Royal Fist, Shan-Hsi Ting, 1972. (akcja, wuxia)
The Silent Swordsman, Li Kao, 1967. (wuxia)
The Silver Fox, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1968. (wuxia)
The Singing Killer, Cheh Chang, 1970. (akcja, kung fu; remake The Singing Thief, 1969)
The Singing Thief, Cheh Chang, 1969. (akcja, kung fu, komedia)
Six Assassins, Walter Chung, 1971. (wuxia)
Sons of Good Earth aka The Fighting Guerilla, King Hu, 1965. (wojenny, dramat)
The Story of a Discharged Prisoner aka Upright Repenter, Patrick Lung, 1967. (akcja, gangsterski, dramat)
Story of Mother aka The Story of My Mother, Tsun-Shou Sung, 1973. (dramat)
Stranger from Canton aka The Karate Killer aka Hand of Death, Ban-Yee Yeo, 1973. (kung fu)
Stranger in Hong Kong, Fang-Gang Liu, Chih-Hung Kuei, 1972. (akcja, thriller, komedia)
Summer Heat, Kō Nakahira, 1968. (dramat, romans)
Summons to Death, Wei Lo, 1967. (akcja, szpiegowski)
Sweet is Revenge, Chia-Hsiang Wu, 1967. (akcja)
The Swift Knight, Walter Chung, 1971. (wuxia)
The Sword, Lei Pan i Yu Wang, 1971. (wuxia)
The Sword and the Lute, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1967. (wuxia; sequel The Twin Swords, 1965)
The Sword of Swords, Kang Cheng, 1968. (wuxia)
Swordsman at Large, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1971. (wuxia)
The Swordsman of All Swordsmen aka King of Swords, Joseph Kuo, 1968. (wuxia)
The Swordmates, Ying Cheung i Fan Poon, 1969. (wuxia)
Swordswomen Three, Chiang Shen, 1970. (wuxia)


A Taste of Cold Steel aka The Purple Sword, Griffin Yueh, 1970. (wuxia; sequel Rape of the Sword, 1967)
Temple of the Red Lotus, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1965. (wuxia)
Temptress of a Thousand Faces, Walter Chung, 1969. (akcja, kryminał)
That Fiery Girl, Jun Yan, 1968. (wuxia)
That Man in Chang-an, Jun Yan, 1967. (wuxia)
The Thunderbolt Fist aka The Terrible Kick aka The Deadly Kick, Il-Ho Chang, 1972. (kung fu)
Torrent of Desire, Chen Lo, 1969. (erotyczny, romans, dramat)
The Thundering Sword, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1967. (wuxia)
A Touch of Zen, King Hu, 1971. (wuxia)
The Trail of the Broken Blade, Cheh Chang, 1967. (wuxia)
Trilogy of Swordsmanship, Griffin Yueh, Kang Cheng, Cheh Chang, 1972. (wuxia; antologia)
Twelve Deadly Coins, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1969. (wuxia)
The Twelve Gold Medallions aka Twelve Golden Medallions, Kang Cheng, 1970. (wuxia)
Twin Blades of Doom, Ching Doe, 1969. (wuxia)
The Twin Swords, Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1965. (wuxia; sequel Temple of the Red Lotus, 1965)




Valley of the Fangs, Walter Chung, 1970. (wuxia)
, Cheh Chang, 1970. (kung fu, akcja)
Vengeance of a Snow Girl aka A Daughter’s Vengeance, Wei Lo, 1971. (wuxia)
Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters, Hung-Min Chen, 1968. (wuxia)
Vengeance is a Golden Blade, Meng-Hua Ho, 1969. (wuxia)
The Venus’ Tear Diamond, Umetsugu Inoue, 1971. (kryminał, romans, musical)
The Villains, Yuen Chor, 1973. (wuxia, romans)
The Virgins, Han-Hsiang Yu, 1973. (dramat, erotyczny, komedia, romans)


The Wandering Swordsman, Cheh Chang, 1970. (wuxia)
Wang Yu, King of Boxers aka The Screaming Tiger aka Ten Fingers of Steel aka Screaming Ninja, Lung Chien, 1973. (kung fu)
The Warlord, Han-Hsiang Li, 1972. (komedia, erotyczny, wojenny)
The Water Margin aka Seven Blows of the Dragon aka Outlaws of the Marsh, Cheh Chang, Ma Wu, Hsueh-Li Pao, 1972. (wuxia)
The Way of the Dragon aka Return of the Dragon, Bruce Lee, 1972. (kung fu)
The Way of the Tiger aka The Way of the Dragon aka Challenge of the Dragon, Kuan-Chang Li, 1973. (kung fu)
Whose Baby is in the Classroom? aka Who’s Baby in the Classroom?, Umetsugu Inoue, 1970. (komedia, musical, romans)
The Winged Tiger, Chiang Shen, 1970. (wuxia)
Wrath of the Sword, Ma Wu, 1970. (wuxia)




The Young Avenger aka The Little Poisonous Dragon, Griffin Yueh, 1972. (wuxia)
Young People, Cheh Chang, 1972. (komedia, dramat, kung fu, musical)


Zatoichi and the One-Armed Swordsman aka Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman, Kimiyoshi Yasuda i Tseng-Hung Hsu, 1971. (chanbara, wuxia)